Author = Tahmoores Bashiriyeh
Manufacturer’s criminal responsibility against off-label drugs

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 18 October 2023


Mohammad Pirvaram; Shadi Azimzadeh; Tahmores Bashirieh; Fatemeh Mohamadi Moghanjoy

The Assessment of Impact of Family Economic Status on Sexual Victimization of Children and Adolescents

Volume 11, Issue 21, August 2023, Pages 233-257


Sepideh Shahidi; Tahmoores Bashiriyeh; Seyed Mehdi Saberi; Asghar Abbasi

Penetration of penalty-orientation into the penalty realm and its impact on depenalizing policies

Volume 10, Issue 20, September 2022, Pages 7-34


Golnaz Moradi Pasand; Tahmoores Bashiriyeh; Hossein Gholami