Author = Javan Jafari Bojnordi, Abdolreza
Legal inconsistencies with the individualization policy of the welfare model In responding to the crimes of children and teenagers

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 24 December 2022


Parizad Kavosi Khasraghi; Abdoreza Javan Ja’afari Boojnordi; Seyyed mahdi Seyyedzadeh Sani; Hossein Gholami

Evaluating Confession in Criminal Matters from The Perspective of Max Weber's Theory of Rationality

Volume 11, Issue 21, August 2023, Pages 101-130


MEYSAM GHOLAMI; Abdolreza Javan Jafari Bojnordi; Javad Sadati

Historical Cognition on The Islamic Sharia Penal System of Ḥudūd and Qiṣāṣ in Light of Social Constructivism Theory

Volume 10, Issue 19, August 2022, Pages 153-178


Mohammad hasan Maldar; Abdoreza Javan Ja’afari Boojnordi; Javad Sadati