The Concurrence of the International Responsibility of Individual and State for Aggression

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Present study considers the concurrence of individual criminal responsibility and aggravated state responsibility for aggression. To describe this concurrence, both material element and psychological element of the aggression crime and different approaches towards this concurrence have been considered determining the concurrence of material element, is related to the definition on aggression on aggression crime in context of individual and state's responsibility, as defined by the un general assembly resolution 3314 in 1974 and the adopted at kampala revising conference 2010. The material element of this crime, according to the definition is the plan, initiation and implementing the act of aggression which are four types of participation in a crime. Also, the psychological element in crime of aggression is conscious and known intent; namely, mentioned elements in this crime must be both knowingly and deliberately. Also, in this study, two different viewpoints on ascertaining specific intent of crime commitment have been studied. The goal of the research is to explain the concurrence of the international responsibility of individual and state in aggression to argue that the two items are not two separate categories and rather, they complete each other.


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