Criminological Invesitgation of Violence by Football Fans

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1 Ph.D. Student of Criminal Law and Criminology, Faculty of Eslamshahr University, Iran

2 Assistant Professor of Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Faculty of Law Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


Criminology intends, identify the causes of genesis of violence, as one of the care issues itself, to control the damage caused by violence in the light of this study the question is about the violence of soccer fans and the factors influencing it on the basis of research questions Criminology of violence, by football fans, it has many criminology dimensions.
1. Violence of football fans is more legally defined in terms of crimes against property and verbal violence;
2. The role of sociological and environmental factors, such as economic factors and more pronounced in the area of violent altitude of fanatics, as assumptions of research. Different theories in the area of life and society and cognitive society are presented in this regard. In Iran, the type and guilty of this, violence is not, comparable to that of the countries, of the world. However, it is not denied and as a deviate is some cases it takes a criminal color. The present study was conducted on one the methodology of the library and the media combined and integrated among 386 spectators and supports of Esteghlal and Perspolis teams.
The findings show that the reasons for violence between, spectators go back to sociological and psychological, issues.
Issues such as age, income, leisure time, adaptation of the goals and control and supervision of transportation vehicles and facilities of the stadium along with the views of Clarck and Robert Merton and the special features of the Iranian community can be combined as well as in dependent in the criminology of violence among football fans in Iran. The level of family control, the economic and social base has a significant negative effect and the history of fights, strife, failure and smoking and the criminal record between friends and relatives and criminal record and collective and group depart true, has a positive and significant impact on the violence of the football spectators of the Esteghlal and Perspolis teams of violence.


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