Prevention of Transmitting Incomes of Organized Crimes in Iran's Criminal Law and International Documents

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2 Associate Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology, Faculty of Law, Theology and Political Science, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran


Nowadays, offences have had new forms with due attention to methods of their commission. Amongst them, it can be mentioned to changing method of commission of an offence, whether in a group or in an organized way. The organized offenders not only gain many financial advantages by their widespread activities, but also by their criminal activities, they attain power of effect on other economic, social and politic sections. Therefore, today one of the disturbances of administrators, who preserve security in society, is to resort to a set of social and situational preventive actions as well as punishing plans and equitably corrective training for guilties, until with making harder commission of offence process and its next steps, specifically preventing transmitting incomes of these crimes, we can prevent spreading them in societies.
Therefore, some international documents related to these kinds of crimes such as Merida and Palermo conventions have introduced some actional and reactional activities and they have suggested some plans in order to effectively confront with transmitting incomes of these kinds of crimes at national and international levels.
So, the state of Islamic Republic of Iran also has attempted to deduct preventive actions in some conventions such as Promoting Ministerial Health and Conflicting Corruption Convention, Conflicting Money Laundering Convention with due attention to international documents.


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