Dear professors and authors, the bi-seasonal journal of Criminal Law and Criminology Research has been granted the "B" rating by MSRT according to the announcement of ministry new policy

Also We are glad to inform you that this journal is published in cooperation with the "Iranian Association of Criminal Law" and the "Iranian Association of International Criminal Law" based on the contract signed with these organizations. 

The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology Research has been published twice a year in 2013 with scientific-research credentials.

Using the cooperation of leading researchers, professors, lawyers, judges, and students of higher education in criminal law and criminology in Iran and abroad, this journal seeks to present new scientific findings of Iran and others. Countries from research, research projects, theses and academic dissertations, academic research and studies of national and international organizations, conferences and other research topics ranging from fundamental, applied, analytical, critical, scientific review and book review , Developing or presenting a new theory or method in solving problems and developing the science of criminal law and criminology Two features have originality and innovation and to advance scientific boundaries between the two disciplines with the aim of providing order and justice EFFECTIVE criminal justice and peace will follow.

This journal was identified by citation 52389/18/3 dated 2013/04/04 Ministry of Science, Research and Technology; at the meeting dated 2013/04/05 the Iranian Scientific Publications Commission has qualified scientific-research credentials.

The journal is indexed in the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC)  and Noormags .
The Journal of Criminal Law and Research Studies charges authors for reviewing and publishing articles.
Articles submitted to this journal are initially similar to those found on the hamyab system .
Arbitration is closed in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology Research (referees cannot see authors' specifications).

It should be noted that the journal follows the rules of the International Ethics Committee (COPE).


Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 21, August 2023, Pages 1-394 

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